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30-Day Sleep Challenge for the New Year

Make 2018 Your Most Well-Rested & Healthy Year Yet!

Nearly 40% of American adults report having fair or poor quality sleep. Does that sound like you? Join the Dallas area’s FREE 30-Day Sleep Challenge, sponsored by Dr. Kent Smith of Sleep Dallas, to experience a better night’s rest.

CHALLENGE DATES: January 13-February 11, 2018

The new year is a time many people make a commitment to live healthier lives. And while diet and exercise are certainly important pieces of the puzzle, sleep creates the foundation on which health and wellness can flourish.

Benefits of quality sleep include:

SMALL CHANGES in your daily routine can make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

Sleep Challenge participants receive:

Participation is free and all Dallas-area adults are invited to join.

Participants must:

Sleep Challenge Registration

January 13 - February 11, 2018

A Well-Rested Dallas is a Healthy Dallas

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