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Orthodontic Treatment in Frisco

You aren’t getting a restful night’s sleep and your sleeping disorders are preventing you from the rest you need. Orthodontic measures may be the answer. 

Your jaw growth is a gradual process. In most cases, your lower and upper jaws develop and grow at different rates. This directly alters your breathing and is a major contributor to your sleep deficiencies. In addition to a conflicting growth rate, your jaw’s position could have been affected by an injury or could even be a birth defect. Another indicator of sleep apnea could be a severe overbite or buck teeth. 

The advantage is yours . . . 

Through the repositioning and realignment of your jaw, you can potentially benefit from orthodontic treatment. By expanding the upper and lower jaw and widening your breathing passageway, you find relief.

The pattern of your bite and your teeth can be changed through orthodontics. The orthodontics of today are vastly different than that of years gone by. If you’ve had work done over the past 30 or so years, chances are the exact opposite has been accomplished in relation to the position of your jaw. Traditional methods forced the jaw backwards, creating generations of people now experiencing sleep issues. A more progressive, advanced approach now moves the lower jaw forward which ultimately helps the situation.

The intention of an orthodontic treatment is to adjust of a range of facial and jaw irregularities, resulting in an enhanced ability to breathe and therefore, sleep. This can be accomplished both with and without surgery - depending on the severity of the jaw placement. Dr. Smith is a Premier Provider with Invisalign, but also uses orthopedic appliances to aid in developmental and facial growth, as well as a new procedure called Short Term Orthodontics, which uses clear brackets and wires over a short period of time to straighten front teeth or close unwanted spaces. Whatever your need, Dr. Smith can help!

Take Control and Live Your Life Again - - - Beginning Today

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem that, left untreated, can lead to even more serious medical problems. When improperly treated, the risks to your health are increased even more. Choosing a dentist who is qualified in treating sleep disorders is critical to your health or the wellbeing of a loved one. 

Dr. Smith is devoted and steadfast in his commitment to advancing his knowledge, increasing his skills and constantly learning more about various sleep disorders and their treatments. This is why he is asked to teach his philosophy and techniques to dentists all over the world more than 20 weekends each year. 

Take control again . . . . of your days and nights with Dr. Smith's help. Contact our office today and determine which treatment option is right for you. Your search is over and restful nights are in your near future.