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Always Tired?

You’d Better Find Help. Sleep Loss Can Kill You.

Troy wakes up each morning groggy. He finds it difficult to leave his bed and may even hit his snooze button multiple times. It’s not until time creeps closer to when work begins, or his dog finally begs for him to go outside, that Troy decides he needs to get up.

Slowly, Troy prepares for the day. He takes a quick shower and makes some coffee. The shower and caffeine help him get through a round of emails and morning meetings, but by the time noon hits, he finds his concentration drifting. He isn’t able to absorb all the information he needs for the rest of his meetings, and his productivity level isn’t what it used to be.

Can you relate?

Signs and Impact of Persistent Fatigue

Millions of Americans suffer from fatigue due to chronically insufficient sleep, strenuous mental or physical work, or prolonged periods of stress or anxiety. Fatigue negatively impacts work performance, and it can even become dangerous to operate heavy machinery and motor vehicles.

You may be suffering from fatigue if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Sleep deprivation negatively impacts the body and mind in numerous ways. In fact, it can cause:


Fatigue as a Symptom of Sleep Apnea

While fatigue can be caused by life and work stress, it may also point to an underlying condition, such as obstructive sleep apnea. The micro-awakenings caused by sleep apnea result in fragmented and inefficient sleep, which in turn lead to chronic fatigue. And this chronic fatigue can have serious consequences. In fact, sleep apnea sufferers are over 300% more liable to be involved in a fatal car crash.

Once Troy took the steps necessary to have his fatigue linked back to sleep apnea, he was able to improve his sleep health. Now that Troy is able to sleep through the night, he’s noticed how much more alert and motivated he’s become. Social activity doesn’t feel like a burden, and he even feels more inclined to work out.

By seeking help for your snoring and/or sleep apnea, you are taking the steps necessary to start living a happier, more positive life. If your snoring leaves you, and those around you, waking up tired and feeling unwell, it’s time to consult a sleep physician.

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