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Success Stories in DFW

Timothy: I'd recommend Dr. Smith all day long.


Ellwyn: The minute that I met Dr. Smith, there was no doubt in my mind that he was the right person to help me with my issue.



Gail: I feel like I can take on the world. 

I seemed to be developing this new sense of paranoia. I was convinced my colleagues made lunch plans without me and they always excused themselves when I wandered into a conversation. Why would they be avoiding me? I haven’t done anything that I am aware of.

My paranoia led to confirmation when I noticed my friends were doing the same thing. They stopped inviting me to events and they made excuses to avoid seeing me. I finally made my best friend spill the beans. Turns out – my negativity, crankiness and fly-off-the-handle temper was irritating people. This was a lot more serious than I realized. I knew my lack of sleep was affecting my focus and commitment to my work. I had no idea the resounding effects it was playing on my personal life.

Now, I feel like I can take on the world. Visiting 21st Century Dental has given me a new lease on life. Now, not only am I sleeping throughout the night, it’s like I have a whole new personality. I have control of my emotions and my emotions are overwhelmingly positive, happy, full of life. I have patience now instead of wondering how I am going to muddle through another sleep-deprived day. And the best part – my family, friends and co-workers want to hang out with me again. I went from being annoying and infuriating to being my easy-going, laid-back ole’ self again.

Darren: Never would I have thought the issue was . . .  dental

You know the old saying “I slept like the dead.” Argh – I hated that saying. What was that like? I wanted to know. How did it feel to get a full, good night’s sleep and wake up completely invigorated and revitalized the next morning? 

Thinking back years, I couldn’t honestly remember the last time I woke up fully energized, ready to take command of the day. It never mattered if I was in bed for 5 or 8 hours, my first thought in the morning was always “when can I go back to bed?” I was always, unquestionably, undeniably exhausted in the morning. An overwhelming feeling that stayed with me all day. It became so common it was just my nature state of being. 

I was at my routine dental check-up with Dr. Smith when I started telling him how tired I was. He listened intently and immediately offered some suggestions and potential solutions. Never would I have thought my sleep issues were dental related. Never. Following my treatment, I can hardly believe how long I lived in my sleep deprived state. Remembering back to how tired I was, it’s maddening. Now, I am forever grateful – thank you Dr. Smith.

Tracey: I was bitter and beginning to resent our relationship

Initially when I met Brian, he was the perfect man. Our relationship quickly grew from casual to falling in love to getting married. We built a magnificent life together; exploring the world, welcoming two wonderful children, building our home life. 

At the start of our marriage, Brian would snore on occasion. Nothing alarming or out of the ordinary. Then, over the course of a few years, his snoring became increasingly worse. We investigated all the options one would think of. Visiting sleep centers, purchasing over-the-counter solutions, trying homemade remedies, changing our sleep environment. We tried everything. Brian’s snoring became such an issue between us that I considered what our marital options were.

I was bitter and beginning to resent our relationship. I was angry because I wasn’t getting enough sleep and we were both irritable and bad-tempered. We started to take out our frustrations on each other. I felt doomed and deflated. I happened to mention the snoring issue to Dr. Smith at my next visit. He explained what he thought the cause could be and suggested a visit with Brian himself. Success! That was all it took for Brian’s snoring to be dealt with. One trip to the dentist. It allowed us less time to talk about our sleep issues and more time to start repairing the damage to our marriage.

Natalie : Sleepless in . . . Irving

Old black-and-white movies and every infomercial known to man. I could tell you details about either of these. What Humphrey Bogart said to Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.  What food chopper dices and chops fastest and with more ease. I could tell you which vacuum cleaner does more than clean your floors. I was up all night, every night and the television kept me company. 

Television wasn’t only my company, it was quickly becoming my only friend. My friends and family members didn’t want to be around me because my lack of sleep was altering my personality. I was miserable and cranky and not a lot of fun to be around. My sleep disorder was disturbing my personality, my relationships and my life!

Drifting off to dreamland was so elusive for me. I tried everything and anything I could think of. I took sleeping pills, visited doctors, saw homeopathic healers. . . .  nothing was alleviating the frustrating and exhausting cycle of insomnia. Once I talked with Dr. Smith about my sleep issues, the difference in my life is indescribable. Not only did he understand my frustration but he showed complete compassion and kindness when providing me with explanations and solutions. My restless nights are gone forever. No more sleepless in Irving.

Dave: My life was potentially saved by my dentist

I knew I had a snoring problem. Even back in college, I was constantly ridiculed by my roommates and sports teammates. So much so that our 10-year reunion still elicited shouts of “Hey Buzz – how ya doing?” I swear there are some that don’t know my real name.

A few years after college, I met and married the beautiful Laura. She knew I was a snorer from the get-go and there were many discussions around the subject. How could I ‘cure’ my snoring. How will we deal with the sleep disruptions and who could I visit for help. Then one night, Laura shook me awake. She said I had stopped breathing and it scared her incredibly. Then and there we decided to explore more serious options. Because she was so shaken by the episode, she monitored my breathing throughout the next few nights. She was shocked by the regularity of which I would frequently stop breathing each and every night.

When Dr. Smith inquired about my overall health during a routine check-up when he took photos of the back of my throat, he immediately detected the problem. He said I was experiencing sleep apnea and if I left it untreated, it can become a potentially fatal sleep disorder. He said habitual snoring can be a warning sign but not to worry as he had some treatment options he would recommend. Now, my sleep apnea is under control and my snoring has decreased significantly. Ironic that I visited Dr. Smith for a teeth cleaning and he potentially saved me from further health complications down the road.