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Insurance for Sleep Apnea Guide

You’ve been dealing with sleep apnea for years and didn’t know it, but finally, after multiple appointments and a sleep study, you’ve gotten a proper diagnosis. All you need to do now is get the appropriate treatment, and at last, you can enjoy a full night’s rest. Of course, this brings you to the next issue: How are you going to pay for it? Will your health insurance cover your sleep apnea treatment, and if so, how much?

We understand that using your benefits can be a convoluted process, and that all you really want to do is sleep soundly at night, so is there some way you can use your coverage that won’t have you filling out countless forms and spending hours on the phone?

We’re here to tell you yes! At Sleep Dallas, you’ll work directly with our insurance expert, Bailey. She’ll help you glide through the entire process and make sure you get the most coverage you possibly can for your sleep apnea treatment. When it comes to getting affordable care, she’s the person to know.

Meet Bailey

DFW dentist, Dr. Kent Smith Bailey has been working with Dr. Kent Smith since 2000, and in that time, she’s seen it all and done it all. She started as a chairside assistant and has since progressed to working at the front desk, keeping our office organized and helping people figure out their insurance.

When you visit us, she’ll be able to answer any question you have about your plan, your coverage, and how you can get the most out of your benefits. She has worked with an extremely wide array of insurance providers, so chances are that she already has experience with your plan! Thanks to her expertise, she’ll make using your insurance with us as easy as possible. If you ever have a question or concern about paying for your care, she’ll always have the answer you need.

How To Use Your Insurance for Sleep Apnea Treatment

For most medical insurance plans, sleep apnea treatment is considered a type of preventive care, and therefore it is covered. This refers to both a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine and oral appliance therapy (which is what we offer here at Sleep Dallas).

Depending on your plan, you may have a deductible you have to pay (an amount of money that needs to be spent before you can use your insurance benefits) or a copay (which is where you and your insurance provider split the cost of care). After going over your coverage with you, Bailey will let you know what you are responsible for paying BEFORE you come to our office. That way, you won’t have any unnecessary surprises.

Each and every particular insurance plan is different, so the amount of coverage you have can vary greatly. When you contact us, we can discuss your individual plan with you.

The Advantage of Using Your Insurance with Sleep Dallas

Of course, the biggest advantage of coming to Sleep Dallas is that you’ll have Bailey to walk you through your insurance process. The other is that oral appliance therapy is actually one of the most affordable and least invasive treatment methods for sleep apnea available today. Compared to other conventional options (such as a CPAP machine or surgery), oral appliance therapy costs significantly less. It is simple, easy to use, and has been shown to increase the sleep quality of 95% of the individuals who use it. Combined with your insurance coverage, you’ll be able to get the best when it comes to effectiveness AND affordability at the same time.

Insurance Plans We Accept

Sleep Dallas is an in-network provider for most major insurance companies. For Medicare holders with supplemental coverage, treatment is actually covered 100%. Below, you can find a list of some of the plans we work with:

If you do not see your particular provider here, we may still be able to work with it. Simply call our office and we can discuss how we can use your plan.

Have Questions?

As we said earlier, using your insurance can be a complicated process, but we’re here to make sure it’s as simple as possible. At Sleep Dallas, we’ll help you finally get a full night’s rest and make sure your treatment fits easily into your budget. Nothing will help you sleep more soundly than having peace of mind!

If you have any questions about how you can use your insurance to pay for your sleep apnea treatment, just contact our office today.