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Loss of Libido

My Sex Drive is Gone. Anybody Seen It?

Sleep deficiencies are impairing your sex life.

Alright. This topic of discussion doesn’t rate too high for a lot of men. They have a hard time discussing, never mind confessing, that they have difficulty getting romantic. A subject that’s slightly taboo combined with pride that prevents them from openly conversing; this is one subject that is generally kept confidential. It’s usually only known by himself and his partner.

“Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing” Woody Allen once said. I am sure you would agree that dealing with impotence is no laughing matter. It’s an embarrassing, uncomfortable, frustrating position to be in.

Physically, you may be fine. Completely healthy with no physical hurdle in your way. The only barrier you are fighting is lack of desire. You have no craving to be intimate. You lack passion. You don’t long for sex. Your libido is all but non-existent.

The only thing standing in the way of you and your next romantic encounter – could simply be a good night’s sleep.

You know sleep is essential to your health and your sex life is not exempt. There are studies that suggest sleep is directly linked to a man’s testosterone levels and their subsequent variations.

It’s a well-documented truth that as a man ages, his testosterone levels vary and generally decline. Increased levels of testosterone are linked to hair loss, improved blood pressure and help with weight loss. On the flip side, inadequate levels of the hormone can cause decreased libido, an inability to maintain an erection and lack of interest in sex.

The quality of your sleep is significantly hindered with the appearance of snoring and/or sleep apnea. Not getting adequate rest can be particularly destructive to your sex life. Most men would credit problems in bed to many peripheral factors: work, money, stress, kids, family obligations, other responsibilities, etc. The reality is, men who experience sleep disorders have a disturbed body clock. This accounts for a much poorer libido than their male counterparts who are getting enough sleep during the night.

Studies have indicated that men who suffer from sleep apnea or are habitual snorers, produce abnormally low levels of testosterone throughout the night. This lack of testosterone results in a decreased libido and can lead to stretches of impotence and lack of sexual desire.

To guarantee a healthy libido, you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Eat a well-balanced, nutritious diet. Manage your stress. Exercise and get your heart pumping regularly. Most notably, get some sleep. A lot of sleep. You sex life hinges on it.

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