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Sleep Dallas Blog

February 10, 2021

Foods that Help You Sleep Better

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Food that helps sleep

We’ve all been there: Lying in bed, wide-awake, cursing the coffee you had in the middle of the afternoon. Or perhaps it was those two miles you ran before bed. Or maybe it’s that deadline you’ve been stressing about.

For anyone that has suffered from elusive or unrefreshing sleep, you know that the smallest thing can derail a good night’s rest. The good news, however, is that small things can also improve your potential to get quality sleep — and one of those things is diet.


February 1, 2021

Sleep Positions: Pros & Cons of Each Position

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Happy Senior Couple On Sleeping Bed

Getting comfortable in order to fall asleep is essential. Think about that moment before you fall asleep. What sleep position do you go to first? When you wake up in the morning, what position do you find yourself in?

Most people have a preferred sleep position in which they spend much of the night — but is that the most beneficial position for your specific health needs? What many people don’t realize is that each sleep position comes with its own set of pros and cons. The way in which we sleep plays a direct role in our everyday health.

Though there are several variations, sleep positions generally fall into the following three categories. Each category’s benefits may vary based on variations that include placement of arms or other body parts, or the strategic utilization of a pillow used for support.


January 29, 2021

Sleep Disorders 101: Nocturia

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Laying awake in bed

If the need to urinate has you running to the bathroom multiples per night, you may be one of 40 million Americans unknowingly living with nocturia. Nocturia is considered one of the most common sleep-related conditions impacting adults today, with an estimated 50 million American adults suffering from it (only 10 million people are actually diagnosed). The condition is defined by the NCBI as “the need for a patient to get up at night on a regular basis to urinate.” In order to receive an official diagnosis, a patient must consistently get out of bed at least two times during the night to urinate.


January 22, 2021

6 Common Sleep Apnea Risk Factors

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Man with sleep apnea sprawled out in bed

Sleep apnea is a potentially life-threatening disorder in which breathing is frequently interrupted while you’re asleep, forcing you to briefly wake up in order to begin breathing again. It’s important to note that sleep apnea is not uncommon. In fact, nearly 1 billion people suffer from sleep apnea worldwide; and in 2014, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine released a statement that called the rising prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea a threat to public safety.

If you keep waking up with a sore throat and/or headache, frequently feel exhausted throughout the day, or have heard your partner complain about loud snoring throughout the night, you might have sleep apnea.

Leaving sleep apnea untreated can lead to or exacerbate a variety of other associated conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression, and could even increase your risk of having a stroke or heart attack.


December 30, 2020

Have Sleep Apnea? Here’s How to Have a Silent Night This Holiday Season

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Woman sleeping peacefully next to festive decor

If you have sleep apnea, then achieving deep, restful sleep can be challenging. Now add in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and the end-of-the-year to-dos, and you could be missing out on even more sleep. Unfortunately, this can lead to unpleasant side effects, like memory loss, daytime drowsiness, and chronic headaches, which can significantly dampen the seasonal festivities. To help prevent this from happening to you, here are three tips for handling sleep apnea during the holidays.


December 8, 2020

Is Your Morning Headache a Sign of Sleep Apnea?

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Headache in bedYou wake up and immediately notice the unpleasant pain in your head. You think, “Again?”

Does this happen to you most mornings? If so, it might be a sign of a sleep disorder. In particular, chronic headaches might be a sign that you have sleep apnea – a disorder that could lead to far worse problems if left alone.


November 29, 2020

Will Your Sleep Apnea Ever Go Away?

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Man sleeping while treating sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep conditions, affecting millions of people in America alone. This occurs when your throat or tongue muscles relax so much that they partially or fully block your airway, making it difficult to breathe. This interrupted breathing also leads to restlessness, drowsiness, as well as many other life changing symptoms, which leaves you wondering, “Will this ever go away?” Read on to find out the answer!


October 20, 2020

Morning Headaches? It Could Be Sleep Apnea

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Woman sleeping in bed after sleep apnea treatment

When you wake up in the morning, have you been experiencing headaches? If this occurs consistently, it’s not just a normal “hangover” or grogginess. In fact, this issue could be due to a common sleep disorder called sleep apnea. This occurs when your throat or tongue blocks your airway, making it difficult to breathe, which leads to interruptions during sleep. However, it can cause a wide range of symptoms as well. Read on to learn why sleep apnea treatment could be the best solution for your consistent headaches in the morning.


September 17, 2020

Welcoming Dr. Marie Dibra to Our Team

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We’re excited to welcome Dr. Marie Dibra to the Sleep Dallas team! Newly arrived to Texas, Dr. Dibra joins our team from Florida where she was a clinical professor with the division of pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine at the University of Florida in Gainsville.

Board-certified in sleep medicine, Dr. Dibra specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and shift work disorder, among others. In addition to her focus in sleep medicine, Dr. Dibra is also a board-certified internist with a background in nutrition. Her unique professional background and experience allow her to take a comprehensive and compassionate approach to addressing our patients’ sleep issues and their underlying contributors.


September 16, 2020

What Are the Dangers of Untreated Sleep Apnea?

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Woman with sleep apnea sleeping in bed

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects millions of Americans, keeping them from the good night’s rest they deserve. It occurs when the airway becomes obstructed by relaxed throat muscles or the tongue, leading to difficulty breathing while asleep. This interrupted breathing causes those affected to awaken throughout the night—usually without even realizing it. Unfortunately, poor sleep is just the beginning of the problems that sleep apnea can cause. Read on to learn why this issue can be detrimental to your health and day to day life.

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