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Patient Story: Sebastien’s Fatigue Was Affecting His Family

October 26, 2017

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Sebastien’s story is very similar to many people’s who suffer from undiagnosed sleep apnea. He spent years dealing with persistent fatigue coupled with morning headaches and constant lethargy. His wife endured his nightly loud snoring, though she eventually had to resort to using earplugs to get a good night’s sleep.

Eventually, Sebastien realized that his lack of energy and need to go to bed earlier and earlier was affecting his ability to enjoy time with his wife and kids. Seeking answers and solutions, he finally (after 10 years of suffering!) made a visit to Sleep Dallas where he found just what he was looking for.

It’s estimated that nearly 80 percent of moderate and severe sleep apnea cases in America are undiagnosed. In addition to decreased energy and vitality, untreated sleep apnea has also been shown to increase the risk of developing other serious health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

Check out Sebastien’s story below to see how an oral device helped him beat his fatigue and regain the energy he needed to take care of and enjoy his family.


Sebastien:  The person that told me that I had a snoring problem was my wife. [It was] to the point where she had to start sleep with earplugs. It’s been about 10 years that I’m always waking up extremely tired with headaches; I’m not sleeping eight hours straight. [It’s] almost as if I was finishing a workout, and it just became the norm. You just get used to being tired all the time.

My family was realizing that I was going to be earlier and earlier and earlier, which is less time for them. They were the ones that were suffering the most.

In the past, I never did a sleep study because I was in denial, up until it really became a health problem. Working with Dr. Smith has been phenomenal–he’s very good at explaining, in words that you can understand, exactly what you need to do. [Dr. Smith is] very professional, very knowledgeable and so approachable.

My opinion of the device is that it’s extremely simple, very easy to clean, to assemble. It’s very easy to get used to it.

My wife saw the difference in terms of snoring right away. In terms of sleep, it took about a week or two that I really felt the difference about the level of energy and waking up rested. And the kids, they’re probably too young to really realize it. But the fact that when I go to the playground, I don’t just sit and let them play, that I play with them. I can get involved and have the energy to do things with them.

One thing I can say for sure is that the device, the advice, and the treatment that I got from Sleep Dallas really changed my life. [I have] way more energy to do my day-to-day activity, which is work, working out, and taking care of the family. It really got me to a point where I’m just not tired anymore.

If you, like Sebastien, need help determining a solution to your snoring and persistent fatigue, contact Sleep Dallas in Irving and Frisco to schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Kent Smith.

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