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This or That: How to Determine Which Sleep Apnea Appliance is Right For You

August 5, 2019

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If you suffer from sleep apnea, it is likely you and your dentist are working to determine which method of treatment will work best for you. While many professionals still opt for CPAP therapy, you might find that a sleep apnea appliance is a much better solution for your individual needs. Customized to ensure comfortability, these small, compact oral devices can help you get the rest you need and breathe easier. Find out more about the different types of appliances and how your dentist can help you pick which one is right for you.

Types of Oral Appliances

Patients with sleep apnea will most likely fall into one of the following three categories: mild, moderate, or severe. For those with mild to moderate symptoms, oral appliance therapy can be an effective and comfortable treatment solution. Take a look at the following types of oral appliances and how they differ:

  • Prosomnus Select: These are great for patients with small mouths and who have mild apnea or snore. It is metal-free and easy to clean.
  • Somnomed Avant: This no-metal oral device has a hard, outer surface and comfortable interior. Its nylon straps work to shift the mandible forward until the desired position has been reached.
  • Somnomed Herbst Advance: If a patient is struggling with snoring, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), or teeth grinding, this device offers comfort and vertical and horizontal jaw movement.
  • SomnoDent Flex: This oral device discourages odor development and is great for those with short teeth or who have restorations such as a crown or bridge.
  • SomnoDent Fusion: OSA patients can receive uncompromised treatment with this small appliance. It maximizes comfort and uses replaceable wings to customize jaw advancement.
  • Prosomnus PH: Individuals with Medicare who cannot use a CPAP will enjoy this slim and smooth device. The lip shields prevent irritation to the lips or cheeks.
  • Prosomnus IA: This is a great general oral appliance that helps to alleviate symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea. Its arches are customizable to ensure the patient experiences maximum advancement.
  • Prosomnus CA: Using proprietary technology, it offers precision advancement and resolves many of the limitations of traditional oral devices.
  • Respire Pink Herbst: If you have a small mouth and need to be able to easily adjust the vertical and horizontal movement of your jaw, this device is for you.
  • Panthera D-SAD Sleep Appliance: Made from biocompatible nylon, it is FDA-approved to treat sleep apnea and snoring. Patients with certain structural mouth features will benefit the most from this device.
  • OASYS Oral/Nasal Airway System: Breathing problems can be relieved with this device, whether they originate from the throat or nose. It has a nasal dilator and offers jaw repositioning technology, helping to restore your quality of sleep. If you have an upper denture, this is a great device for you.
  • Thornton Adjustable Positioner: Along with the Herbst appliance, this is great for patients with Medicare who need relief from sleep apnea and snoring symptoms.
  • SUAD: This less restrictive device allows a patient to open and close their mouth, as well as perform other basic functions without having to be removed.
  • Elastic Mandibular Advancement Appliance: If the tongue is larger than normal, the EMA can help to relieve symptoms of OSA and/or snoring.
  • The Moses®: This will move the jaw forward and allow the tongue to rest toward the front of the mouth. This prevents the airway from being blocked and is great for patients with missing or unhealthy upper front teeth.
  • Silent Nite®: Offering flexibility and a thin look, this helps with severe snoring and mild OSA. The jaw can move on a limited basis and there is unrestricted breathing through the mouth.
  • AveoTSD: Crafted using silicone, this is great for snorers and those suffering from sleep apnea. It pushes the tongue forward and holds it comfortably, so the airway remains open. It can be a preferred device for patients seeking orthodontic help.

How a Sleep Dentist Can Help

A sleep dentist is going to be the ideal professional to help with identifying which type of oral appliance can best serve your needs. Their knowledge and experience can ensure you are offered a comfortable, reliable, safe, and effective device that will keep your airway open throughout the night.

After taking impressions of your smile, a customized oral appliance is made to fit your mouth comfortably, so you can achieve desired results.

These board-certified sleep experts can review not only your oral health but your overall health to make sure the right oral device will positively impact your sleeping habits, as well as your general well-being. Talk to your sleep dentist about how you can get help for your sleep apnea today.

About the Practice
At Sleep Dallas, our team of experts are dedicated to helping patients receive the necessary treatment to improve their breathing and sleeping patterns. With safe and effective methods of treatment with the use of oral appliances, we work to determine your individual needs to make sure you receive the highest quality of care with the goal of achieving desired results. To learn more, contact us via our website or by calling (469) 240-6331.

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