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Can Even Children Suffer from Sleep Apnea?

April 30, 2020

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young child with sleep apnea

Snoring doesn’t often occur in younger children. If you notice your little one making such sounds in their sleep, you might think that it’s cute at first; however, you need to keep in mind that it could be a sign that something is very, very wrong. Snoring is often connected to severe sleep disorders, and while sleep apnea in kids is rare, it is still highly dangerous. To make sure you can recognize this disorder and get your kids the treatment they need when they need it, keep reading.

What is Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Kids?

Sleep apnea means that your child’s breathing will be partially or completely interrupted multiple times when they’re asleep, probably because their airway has become narrower or is being blocked entirely. Usually, your child will wake up multiple times each night for air; however, they might not even realize that it’s happening.

How is Sleep Apnea for Kids Different Than Sleep Apnea for Adults?

One of the most common causes for sleep apnea in adults is obesity; the buildup of tissues around the neck increase the risk of an obstruction occurring at night. However, children often have other problems to worry about. Most of the time, pediatric sleep apnea is linked to enlarged adenoids and tonsils. Furthermore, while an adult with sleep apnea will likely be drowsy during the day, a child is more likely to act out and do poorly in school.

How Do You Know if Your Child Has Sleep Apnea?

It’s not always easy to recognize sleep apnea for what it is, but it may be accompanied by these symptoms and behaviors:

  • Constant loud snoring and audible pauses in breathing
  • Notably restless sleep, particularly if it involves snorting, coughing, or choking
  • Habitual mouth breathing
  • Bed wetting or sleep terrors
  • Difficulty paying attention or learning
  • General behavior problems and hyperactivity
  • Poor weight gain

Not all of these issues have to be present to indicate the presence of sleep apnea. If you have any reason whatsoever to believe your child has a sleep disorder, get in touch with a sleep expert immediately.

What Can Be Done About Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

If your child’s tonsils or enlarged adenoids are blocking the airway, then the solution is obvious: they’ll need a tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy as soon as possible. In other cases, though, there might be other causes. Some children may even require an oral appliance from a sleep dentist. You won’t really know what the right form of treatment is until a proper diagnosis is made.

Your little one needs a good night’s sleep in order to grow up healthy and strong; make sure that they have a chance to do that by keeping an eye out for sleep apnea and seeking treatment as soon as you think it might be needed.

About Sleep Dallas

For over 25 years, people in Irving have been able to turn to Sleep Dallas to put a stop to sleep apnea and snoring. Our clinic has multiple appliance options for treating each unique individual, and we take the time to examine the various factors that could be disrupting your sleep. If you think your child might have sleep apnea, get in touch with us through our website or by calling (844) 409-4657.

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