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July 16, 2021

Sleep Disorders 101: Narcolepsy

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Narcolepsy is a relatively rare and fairly mysterious neurological disorder that causes quick and unexplainable bouts of drowsiness and sleep. A condition that affects both genders and all age groups, between 135,000 to 200,000 individuals in the United States are thought to suffer from narcolepsy.

Untreated narcolepsy can impact nearly every aspect of an individual’s life: academic, work, social, psychological, and even cognitively. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for narcolepsy to be misdiagnosed as a psychiatric disorder, resulting in a sufferer receiving inadequate and misplaced care. This can lead to serious declines in a person’s mental and physical health, as they may feel ostracised from social life due to their disorder and not being properly supported or treated.