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Strained Relationships

Lack of Sleep Leads to Unfulfilling Relationships.

Couples dealing with sleep disorders are more likely to be dealing with divorce lawyers.

It’s a familiar scenario that takes places in bedrooms all over the world. One person is in a deep sleep, snoring away like crazy. The other person spends their entire night elbowing and prodding and grumbling through another sleepless night. Usually at some point, the non-snorer makes the trek to another room where an uncomfortable couch is waiting. Completely oblivious and unaware of what has just transpired, the culprit sleeps on. Completely oblivious and unaware that their partner is irritated, disgruntled and ready to move on.

The secret to a successful marriage may very well be a good night’s sleep.

Just to make sure you realize the effect this can have on your relationships; we have created a special site dedicated to the fact Snoring Isn't Sexy!

You probably don’t realize the damage your snoring is taking on your relationships. Perhaps you recognize the toll it’s taking on you – preventing you from getting a good and restful night of sleep – but you don’t fully appreciate what your spouse is going through.
If you struggle with incessant snoring or if you wake up several times during the night, your bed partner’s quality of sleep is being equally compromised. Even if they have grown accustomed to your irritating sleep habits, their sleep is being equally affected.

Not only are serious health problems associated with sleep disorders, but couples who must deal with snoring and its evil cousin sleep apnea, encounter a higher divorce rate. Because both of you are lacking proper shuteye, you experience an increase in conflict and tension which results in a strain on the marriage.

Snoring is often laughed off as a joke, but the breakdown of your relationships is no laughing matter. It accumulates to the point where both of you can’t take the disrupted sleep and the subsequent emotional toll on your body.

In addition to your partner or spouse, relationships beyond your bedroom walls are being compromised. The changes in your personality are seen by friends, family members, colleagues, associates. A simple conversation can take an instant turn, resulting in your frustration, impatience and intolerance with others. The lack of sleep is turning you into a monster!

It’s improbable that your lack of sleep will lead to the destruction of an otherwise stable relationship. It can, however, intensify disagreements and illuminate existing problems. When you can’t communicate effectively because your head is fuzzy and you haven’t had proper rest, there is a higher chance of becoming depressed and overall frustrated with your relationships.

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